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In the year 2028 US tension with russia has been steady growing. After “Blonald Drumpf” finished his second term, USA elects a democrat president. Russia president “Butin” is not happy about this, and Russia prepares to launch a secret weapon… THE GAY BOMB.

The gay bomb was very successful. Most straights are now gay. But Some have rare genetic defect preventing them from becoming gay. The newly elected majority gay government has put out an order to rid the world of any remaining straights.

Take on the role of Andrew, an elite gay soldier tasked with hunting down any straights not affected. Andrew is sent to a high school to investigate rumoured straight activity. But this mission will be anything but ordinary…

Please buy this game so i can pay my mom back. or i will be grounded.


– play through an epic visual novel set in a world turned gay
– very good anime graphics
– many original characters (andrew, rui, sakura, samuel, teacher, and more)
– great soundtrack to set the mood
– save/load system to relive your favorite scene
– dialog history to review the story at any time


The results are in – GAY NATION gets a 5/5 across the board!

“indeed, to the uninitiated who may not ‘get it’ they will play gay nation and walk away leaving confused. the game exists about 5 levels above human consciousness and requires deep analysis to fully grasp. a masterfully crafted critique of current society and current events, dank boi games goes above and beyond with nuanced satire and lays the groundwork for a frightening reality that may not be too far off. gay nation is the game of our lifetimes and those who die without playing and fully understanding it will never know what theyre missing out on. i am enlightened, and pity the masses. 5/5

“So bad it’s good. I couldn’t resist playing just another few minutes to see what crazy shit would happen in the game. Definitely 5/5.

“All gay literature that predates or postdates gay nation exists solely as a tribute to this glorious game. My entire reason for being conceived was to experience this unimaginably glorious game. This is God’s blessing on this wonderful world. Thank you dank boi for bringing us this masterpiece. 5/5


For a limited time you can play Chapter 1 of GAY NATION for free! This offer is applicable for gays only (NO STRAIGHTS!).

Chapter 2 and beyond is available exclusively to Dank Boi Games patreon subscribers. For as low as $2 (same cost as a bottle of soda) you can have the full GAY NATION experience, and unlike the soda it won’t give you diabetes. It rly is a no brainer so here is the link to give me shekels or just click the gay image below.